Frequently asked questions

1. What is Bombay Medical Aid Foundation?
Ans. Bombay Medical Aid Foundation registered in 1979 under the Societies registration Act of 1860 and with the Charity Commissioner, Govt. of Maharashtra, India is a voluntary organization with no government support.

2. What is the work of Bombay Medical Aid Foundation?
Ans. To render financial help to the poor and underprivileged for their heart and other surgeries as well as for their medical treatment for cancer and other chronic diseases.

3. How does the Foundation procure funds?
Ans. With magnanimous donations from philanthropists, well-wishers and from Companies towards their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

4. Who is eligible to receive aid or funds?
Ans. People from low income groups and those who approach us from various Government hospitals and those who are admitted in General Wards.

5. What is the procedure to get medical aid?
Ans. An application is to be given to Bombay Medical Aid Foundation by the patients or their family member along with a recommendation and cost estimate from the doctor treating the patient. Also, a letter from a social worker from the Government hospital recommending the patient and providing a duly filled form giving details of the patient and cost estimate of the treatment.

6. Are donations to Bombay Medical Aid Foundation tax-exempt?
Ans. All donations to Bombay Medical Aid Foundation are tax-exempt under section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961 (Trust Regn. F-5818-1989 Society Regn. No. BOM/546/79 GBBSD dt.13-11-79)