Dedicated Members and Trustees who have worked tirelessly and selflessly behind the scenes to help the helpless, To ensure all funds are distributed fairly and without prejudice and that all projects are credible and efficient.

Over the years, the Foundation has made colossal donations to community projects and welfare schemes to help people suffering from diseases like cancer, tuberculosis and heart-related ailments. Funds nearing the amount of Rs. 8 crore have been spent already on these projects, all of which have done their part in securing a better future for those in need.

Mr. Arun Saraf

Mr. Arun Saraf

President and Trustee

Dr. D.S. Saksena

Founder member and Trustee Serving since 1979

Ms. Uma Bhasin

Trustee serving since 1991

Mr. Sunil Bhandari

Trustee serving since 1985

Ms. Satyawati Lath

Trustee serving since 1989. 

Dr. K. Venkataramanan

Trustee serving since 2018. 

Mr. I.K. Gupta

Trustee serving since 2014

Ms. Santosh Bagrodia

Trustee serving since 1982

Dr. Anand Gokani

Trustee serving since 1992

Ms. Noopur Desai

Trustee serving since 2018

C.A. Uday Sathaye

Trustee serving since 1983

True to the tenets of the Bhagavad Gita that teaches us "Self-less or desire-less action, is an action performed without any expectation of fruits, and the central tenet of Karma Yoga path to liberation" I am grateful to be a part of an organization that lives and practices the highest values of service, love and humanity.

Ms. Uma Bhasin

Trustee – serving the Foundation since the last 30  years. 

Ms. Uma Bhasin

Ms. Vimla Mohatta

Serving since 1982

Mr Purshottam Budhrani

Serving since 1996

Ms. Kumud Jhawer

Serving since 2001

Ms. Tejal Gokani

Serving since 2003

Ms. Chandra Mehta

Serving since 2001

Ms. Laxmi Karnani

Serving since 2007

Ms. Maya Mohanani

Serving since 2011